Can We Use Solar Panels Without Battery?


Solar Panels: Power Surge Without the Batteries

As governments and companies across the globe seek energy alternatives that are more environment-friendly, more and more attention have been drawn towards solar power. Considering the colossal and far-reaching influence of the sun, it is no surprise that the spontaneity of its power has been on the radar for quite some time now.

While topics about solar approach have been widespread, a lot of us remain clueless about the technical specifications of the processes involved in unravelling the kind of energy from one of the solar system’s hottest entity.

Solar sustainability

The complexity of solar power may be overwhelming to many but there is one guarantee that continues to persist. Our interest on the subject remains unwavering. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges to date with this kind of resources has been attributed to its sustainability.

The methods involved in power continuity almost always lean on stored energy. This means having numerous batteries in place to provide the necessary or extra power. While such is certainly an appropriate option due to the earth’s limited exposure to the sun during specific periods of time, the direct utilization of solar rays unleashes the full potential from the sun.

Of panels and grid

Solar power can only be tapped after it passes through the solar panels which separates the light particles from the electrons or the negative cells. The screened atoms go to a grid which accumulates and supplies the electricity that we need.

Power distribution across the planet has been made possible with the presence of this system. Through the grid, we are able to use all the energy that our homes tap into. With millions of homes connected to electrical channels, the supply route is more than just a distribution platform.

Within this grid is a depository cache which is, in a way, similar to a battery scheme. This perspective supports the method of solar power utilization minus the storage cell cluster. This also means that sun rays can be directed to revitalize current-laden equipments, tools and related materials.

If you think that the absorbed and converted solar atoms just pass through some kind of sieve and turn up empowering electronic gadgets, you may need to reassess your line of thinking regarding this matter. The truth is, the amount of particles transmitted through the solar panels are not utilized to the last drop.

Solar energy flow

During the energy transmission process, some of the resources are kept by the grid. Similar to a battery, the power are controlled by the electrical system. Perhaps you already know that the energy relay are not entirely perfect. There are voltage drops along the way.

Within this frame of understanding, limited or excess power flow from the grid at different periods of time. The overabundance of resources allows the system to pour more energy to a target recipient whose usage is somewhat wanting.

The integration of solar power in today’s world will, more or less, adapt the grid system that is currently in use for our electrical needs. The only difference points to the energy being distributed.

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