How Many Solar Panels Can Produce 24-Hour Electricity?


You are slowly getting excited about getting a solar photovoltaic (PV) system for your property; however, something is still keeping you at bay.

First, you’re wondering how many panels can help you get through 24 hours. Next thing you know, you’re wondering about how many solar panels you need — and how much electricity they should supply — for you to become fully self-reliant eventually.

Should you get three? Two?

When deciding on the number of solar panels, some factors will come into play.

For one, if your household or company has high energy consumption levels, then you might need two to three high-power (and a wee bit pricey) solar PV systems.

Now, is a high energy consumption level an adequate reason to buy a few high-power solar panels? Not at all.

You should still consider other factors like your property’s geographical location, electricity bill, and sunshine. After thinking of those, then you can start choosing the right number of panels to buy.

In this post, we’ll help you explore those factors.

1. Geographical location

The weathers in your state will determine the number of solar panels you need to buy. If you reside in sunny states like Arizona, Hawaii, or Texas, then you will only need a few. Since you are abundant in sunlight, then you don’t need to place a dozen panels on your roof to compensate. Of course, this doesn’t work for colder states like Wyoming, Montana, or Maine.

2. Shadows and sunshine on your property

If your neighboring buildings or huge trees overshadow the portions of your property, then you need to compensate. You need to add more panels to the areas where the sun shines the most for 12 hours. For instance, if you don’t get that much sun in the west-facing rooms, then you should add more panels to the south-facing areas. Those are where the sun shines the brightest.

3. Your electricity bill

If you want to be completely off-grid, then you will need more than panels — you will also need energy storage devices. How about the required solar power-battery capacity? Experts suggest you go higher with the number of solar panels and battery capacity. Going off-grid, you’ll never know when power shortages happen — so you better store more sunlight.

How many panels can help you get through a day?

On average, one 7kW PV system having up to 350 W modules can already supply your electricity needs in a day. 7kW systems typically consist of up to 28 solar panels. If you have more than one of these systems and if you live in a sunny state, then you might become off-grid in no time.

Overall, as the buyer, you have to think long-term. So, be considerate with your current and foreseeable needs before you hire installation providers. Remember, not every solar panel or PV system is similar. Some produce so-so outputs, while others exceed your expectations. Therefore, see to it that you understand how a system's size, efficiency, and sunlight absorption works for your demands.

So, can’t wait to go green?

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