How Should You Keep Your Solar Panels in Shape


If having an alternative energy from the sun at home may please you, think again. The installation of solar panels and the operational mechanism that goes with it are only the beginning of your venture with solar power.

Although corresponding warranties are on the table, this does not mean that you are free from any form of related responsibility. Take note that what the servicing company can offer for you can only be narrowed down on technical support within a certain period of time. Usually, troubleshooting and replacement needs are extended so it’s up to you to tackle the rest.

Periodic checking and detailing

Just like any gadget, equipment or piece of machinery, maintenance is a vital part of keeping all materials in optimum condition. You cannot expect your solar panels to function without a hitch for five years by simply looking at it and doing nothing.

Considering that the panels are at the roof deck of your house, you must expect a whirlwind of disturbances over the next few months. These sun ray interceptors will be hit by heavy rains. It will be enveloped by dusts. It will be pummeled by all the worst possible weather conditions there is due to its constant exposure.

Solar panels are usually durable. The glass and the aluminum materials covering it can withstand challenges in the open air. However, these statements don’t justify that you can simply leave those components out there unattended.

Basic cleaning approach

In clearing up these panels, you don’t have to go far to get the necessary cleaning tools. You will need water and some soap. Make sure that the detergent is not too strong. What you’re trying to do here is get off the dirt not to discolor or harm the surface. You will also need some cloth for wiping and a power spray for flushing out any stain, mud, slime or grime.

Initially, there are a couple of things that you need to determine. You have to set a maintenance schedule. Whether it’s monthly or every three months will be up to you. Next is somewhat tougher. You need to identify how dirty your solar panels look. The messier these things are, more extra effort is needed to make them shine.

Primarily, panels that are not so dirty can be wiped with cloth in order for the mud or the dust to be cleared. The power sprayer can also be used but only in short stretches if there’s nothing heavy to eliminate.

If impurities are dense and have settled on the equipment, using the tool for longer periods must be done. Never use sharp tools as these can damage the glass and create dents on the aluminum surfaces.

Keep the power up

Secondly, you need to dry those solar components so that they stay shiny. Considering that solar power is being integrated into your home as an alternative energy, it is vital that liquid or water is cleared. You don’t want any short circuits or sparks happening on the roof of your house anytime. Even though these panels are sealed, it is best that you take some precautions.

Lastly, you will need a monitoring kit to check on the electrical output of the platform. Over time, there will be a degradation of the unit. It is best if you are able aware about related problems early so make your checking periodically.

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