How to Build a Solar-Powered Ethereum Mining Rig?

Setting a Solar-Powered Ethereum Mining Rig in Place

The conversion of light particles from the sun has done a lot of wonders for many. With the solar energy in full transmission across the horizon, not just big corporations are treading on the natural vigor of the brightest star on this side of the galaxy.

For numerous enthusiasts, using the sun rays as a source of power is not only interesting. Integrating solar energy into some electronic or electrical platforms is also about experimenting or tinkering with a productive or worthwhile pursuit.

Running on solar

As an alternative source of energy, going solar is probably the emerging trend to date. A lot of projects around are being tested through the ultimate power of the sun. Such approach has become a definitive experimental ground where resources are being tapped at lower costs.

To make things quite engaging, let’s us tackle something that is rather new and empower it with solar prowess. Considering that the arrival of cryptocurrency as a sophisticated trading option is of a particular interest, perhaps fueling it with the sun’s light particles can be enthralling.

Going for the ether currency

Before powering our cryptocurrency project, it maybe be a good idea to choose which among those virtual exchange medium will we integrate into the solar power realm. Let’s try the emerging tender called ether.

Now, you maybe wondering why we’ve chosen the said cryptocurrency. Considering that it has the primary blockchain-based digital medium, it is just appropriate that we tackle one of the pioneers in its field.

As a background, making money with the ether cryptocurrency means tapping into its network called ethereum. It must be noted that the production of virtual accounts lean heavily on a computer system. The program manifests rules and regulations to better monitor the movement or circulation of this form of currency.

To keep matters in perspective, specialized systems are in place to control the use and distribution of ethers. These particular schemes are designated as miners. Transactions are handled or managed into blocks by the miners. Unique character strings add up and result in blockchains which leads to the production of ether coins.

Power up

In order to bring life into the ethereum mining rig, you have to consider the sustainability of solar energy in your location. Since this cryptocurrency platform is all about earning rewards and making money, continuous monitoring must be set in place. This means that you need to have a power source that does not give up on your program.

A basic rig usually runs on 450 to 500 watts at the very least. Basically, you need your solar panels to accumulate and convert enough power based on those figures. This also means that you need a number of graphics processing unit (GPU) to power your mining system.

Just to get the rig running, you need around 3 square meters of solar panels to operate. However, the point we are making here is about making money out of the ethereum platform. Within this context, you may actually need a larger component of solar power. You may have to double the initial lot of energy equipment.

Operating a rig on around 6 square meters of solar powers may not be enough since your setup will be consuming a lot of energy from the sun. So basically, you need more heat. At some point, you may have to go for about 10 or more meter load just so enough stored power will sustain the operation. This probably means being exposed in an area with constant and heavy sunlight.

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