How to Get Maximum Benefits from Solar Panels?


When thinking of investing in solar panels, people often ask:

“Will it be worth it?”

“Will it be worth all my money, effort, and time?”

More importantly, they ask:

“Can I get more benefits from solar panels than the usual?”

With the often intimidating price of PV system installation, it’s typical to pose those questions.

It’s also normal to have doubts about this.

Truth is, despite the naysayers’ claims, investing in solar panels will bring you more good than harm.

It will bring you even more than what you’ve expected — and pay back more than what the manufacturers spent on producing it.

That payback is called Energy Return on Investment.

Energy Return on Investment (EROI)

This is the electricity the solar panels have to generate in order to compensate for the energy used to make them.

Contrary to doubters’ notions, solar panels have excellent ERoI. It is more than enough to sustain their life cycle and to make up for the resources and energy spend on processing them.

Now that we got its ERoI factor out of the way, let’s go back to the third question.

“Can I get more benefits from solar panels than the usual?”

Considering solar panels have excellent energy payback or ERoI, you can definitely get more benefits with the right practices.

Here are some ways to get more benefits or quality output from your panels.

1. Use tracking and mounting systems

Since the sun changes position sporadically, you can use tracking and mounting systems so our panels always get sunlight.

  • Single Axis mounts - track the sun from East to West.

  • Double Axis mounts - track all the sun’s direction.

  • Fixed mount systems - cheaper and low-maintenance.

2. Consider solar panel financing

In terms of limited budget, you can consider getting solar panel financing.

This way, you can pay in small amounts but reap the same benefits as those who paid in full.

You can also save more money for devices that help you triple the energy it will absorb.

In addition, some solar financing programs in the US even offer free maintenance services.

3. Buy with surplus energy in mind

When shopping for solar panels, buy with surplus energy in mind.

Surplus energy is the unused electricity your panels generate. You can sell this to your grid provider.

If your grid provider gives a satisfying fee for surplus energy, then you should consider investing in many panels.

Trust us — it will be definitely worth it.

4. Make sure no shadow falls on the panels

This is a simple trick of sustaining your panels’ energy efficiency.

Of course, your panels work best if there are pesky shadows looming over them.

Thus, position your panels on areas where no shadow from trees or buildings falls on them.

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