Solar Power: 4 Questions that Bug People’s Minds Before They Invest

 Solar panels at a solar power plant

Why Haven't Solar Panels Become Common Everywhere?

Given its many benefits, long-time users often get puzzled on why other people continue doubting solar power.

Sure, solar panels have its flaws — but the long-term benefits surely outweigh the minor inconveniences.

For one, solar panels are highly efficient. A single solar panel, which can typically generate 300 Watts, can already power a big LED TV. And that’s just one panel for a single household.

Typically, set of 6x10 solar panels is called a photovoltaic or PV module.

Why are people still hesitating with getting solar power? Here are the questions that often bug their minds:

1. What can I do with solar panels at night?

Most homeowners worry about what happens when the sun goes down. What is the use of solar panels during the night?

Solar panels, of course, don’t work in the dark. They also work better with sunlight more than with artificial light, which can only power small devices like calculators.

Now, your best option is to invest in energy storage devices like batteries. This way, you can store energy during the day and then use them later that night and even on cloudy days.

2. Are solar panels high-maintenance?

Given their size and their designated location, people often worry about the upkeep.

If they are supposed to be in the roof, should you climb from time to time and wipe the dust off? Not at all.

Since there is no movement in the device, it needs minimal maintenance.

In addition, solar panels are self-cleaning. Even the rain can help rinse the dust and grime. Regardless, you should still watch out for moisture.

You have to make sure no moisture seeps through the protective glass cover and reaches the wirings — this can damage the module permanently.

3. How do solar panels fail?

Although solar panels are efficient, they can also degrade in time. Solar modules have a long lifespan, yet several factors shorten it.

Unavoidable elements like UV exposure, damp heat, and humidity freezing are often the culprits.

In the providers’ part, using cheap resources and testing hastily can lead to so-so quality panels with a short lifespan. In the users’ part, being negligent and nonchalant can also lead to an early death.

Not asking the right questions, tinkering with the wrong controls, and not securing the wirings — by doing those, you’ll have useless panels in no time.

4. Are there any incentives to using solar panels?

The markets for solar panels keep popping up like mushrooms. In fact, in the USA, solar power is increasingly becoming popular in states such as New York and Vermont. This is despite their harsh weathers and cold seasons.

With this progress, it is unsurprising that incentive programs for solar power users have tripled across all states. In fact, Texas is known for providing the best incentive programs for solar power users in the USA.

Particularly, all bona fide citizens in the US can deduct their budget for solar panel purchase and installation from their federal tax.

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