A Trustworthy Brand

When you go solar choose a brand you can trust - ask about LG Solar

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We are proud to be an LG Pro Partner in DFW. Compared to other brands LG solar offers premium quality:

  • Higher efficiency

  • Improved efficiency during extreme heat

  • Lower Degradation Rates and an Enhanced Warranty (Up to 90.08% power output at 25 years)

  • LG Solar’s 12-wire Cello Technology™: Improves performance and reliability


For Peace of Mind

RISE power has partnered with LG to give you peace of mind. We want to offer you a solar system that is efficient and will last for years to come. This is why we often recommend LG Solar.

These solar panels come with an LG Electronics warranty of 25 years. If for any reason a panels fails LG will replace it and pay for the re-installation of that panel. LG Solar is always working to improve their panels and to provide excellent customer service. When designing their high-efficiency modules, LG Solar developed specific technologies that can capture light and generate power more efficiently.

LG Solar are a well recognized and well trusted brand that you can count on.