“It’s all about premium products and exceptional service”

-RISE power co-founders


How we work

Premium Products

We only recommend premium solar panels to our customers. There are various grades of solar panels (low, mid-range, and premium). Your long term interest is our only concern.

We can help you invest in solar panels that will lead to greater savings and smaller electric bills (or no bills at all). We often recommend LG solar panels because of their high performance and durability.

Excellent service

We seek to provide a level of service that will constantly satisfy you and surprise you. (There’s a reason we have a five star rating on Google.) We believe in going solar and we will provide you with a simple (hassle free) plan.

When you sign up for a free consultation you will be contacted by one of our representatives. He or she will find a convenient time to meet with you and walk you through the process. We will answer all of your questions and address any concerns that you might have. We are educators and we want to show you the benefits of using solar energy.

We do the work and you enjoy the solar.

RISE power is a family based business and we want what’s best for your family. If it’s not right for you - that’s OK. However, you won’t know until you try.

So sign up today and let’s talk!

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